About us

We are collagen experts

Behind the Colpropur® products, there is PROTEIN S.A., a company focused on developing and manufacturing high quality natural food ingredients for the last 40 years. PROTEIN specialised in producing hydrolysed collagen protein, becoming one of the main companies in this market.

We are a dynamic and well-prepared team with full confidence and love for our products. This makes us unstoppable.

In 2008, we were able to assess the efficacy of our natural, pure and highly digestible hydrolysed collagen protein COLPROPUR D® after years of research with the collaboration of the Institut Municipal d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM; Municipal Institute of Medical Research of Barcelona), the Rheumatology and Dermatology Departments of Barcelona’s Hospital del Mar and the Dutch TNO Institute. These results encouraged us to develop and launch to the market a unique range of natural supplements based on the health properties of COLPROPUR D®, making it available for the population who need to supplement their diet with this protein.

Since then, these products have proved to have beneficial effects on joints, bones, muscles, skin, and to reinforce the immuno system. The scientific and medical recognition is increasing yearly, and so it does the consumer loyalty, very satisfied for the products efficacy.

Today we are currently selling this range of products under the COLPROPUR D® trademark in some European countries.

Our history

40+ Years of Collagen Expertise


Foundation of PROTEIN S.A.

as manufacturer of food proteins


Manufacture of hydrolysed collagen

We focused on this protein


Success of COLPROPUR D® scientific studies

The results of these studies support the benefits of our hydrolysed collagen


Launch of our Colnatur® product to the market

Our first supplements based on the health of benefits of the hydrolysed collagen protein (HC) COLPROPUR D®


New brand Colpropur®

We launched a complete range of food supplements based on our COLPROPUR D®. We started selling it in France and Italy


Innovation with PHOSCOLLAGEN®

After the research to proof its benefits, we created PHOSCOLLAGEN®, a natural hydrolysed collagen-phosphate complex which helps to reduce bone loss. We launched two Colpropur® products (LADY and OSTEOARTICULAR) based on this extraordinary ingredient

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