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The collagen brand

Colpropur® is a collagen range of food supplements, based on the properties of this essential and natural ingredient to stay healthy.

It’s also the only range of supplements developed by a hydrolysed collagen manufacturer and expertise, PROTEIN,S.A. All Colpropur® products main ingredient is the hydrolysed collagen in powder COLPROPUR D® produced by the company.

PROTEIN,S.A. is one of the European leaders in the hydrolysed collagen production, with 40 years of experience in this amazing and useful protein.

In 2008 we developed and launched the first supplement based on our hydrolysed collagen COLPROPUR D®. After 10 years of experience, in 2018 we launched a complete range of supplements Colpropur®, to reinforce each of the health benefits of this protein adding the specific minerals, vitamins and other bioactive compounds to improve the natural benefits of the daily intake of 10 grams of hydrolysed collagen on our body.

COLPROPUR range products


Hydrolysed collagen

Native collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is a highly resistant and flexible molecule which forms the structure of body tissues (cartilage, bones, skin, gums and the connective tissue that wraps and protects our interval organs and muscles). It provides protection, tissue binding, and allow us to stand up and move.

To be used as a food ingredient or supplement, collagen protein needs to become digestible and assimilable. To reach this is necessary to go through a process of gelatinization and hydrolysis, and therefore non absorbed.

Native collagen is a very long and complex molecule, but we cannot take advantage of its benefits by taking it as it is, since it cannot be digested and therefore non absorbed.

However, hydrolysed collagen is the result of the fertilization and hydrolysis of the native collagen. It is formed by bioactive collagen peptides, smaller molecules that can be absorbed by our digestive system and, therefore, used as nutrient for our body.


One collagen product For each Need

Whether you are more or less sportive, adult or senior, urban or rural, worried for your skin or bones aging, with joint discomfort, or simply a person interested in aging the best healthier way… there is a specific Colpropur® product for you.


Colpropur CARE
Colpropur ACTIVE


Colpropur JOINTS
Colpropur SPORT
Colpropur PHYSIO


Colpropur SKIN CARE
Colpropur LADY

RAISE your collagen experience

COLPROPUR D® properties


Perceptible benefits after 1 to 3 months

Scientifically proven benefits

by more than 400 scientific studies

No intolerances or side effects

Healthy and natural


Pregnant women and children can take it. Does not require a break

healthy happy couple jumping


fats, sugars, sweeteners, colorants, preservatives or GMOs


Without chemical residues


in origin, method of obtaining and mode of action


Has been hydrolysed


with medications and dietary supplements


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